I am an interactive system designer...

This site is about the things I do, not so much who I am. It covers my work in User Experience in terms of what I have done and what I think through writing, brings together some of my favourite photography and images I have created, tries to collect together the many songs I've written and spur me on to get more recorded and lastly will include some of the theoretical thoughts I have.

I've always done this.

Since an early age I enjoyed creating things that moved and did things when you interacted with it. I would create games on my ZX spectrum in my early teens, although these where usually rough and I only had one published in a magazine (in those days you typed the code out again). I used to sketch, paint etc but interactive experiences, games and projects like the Doomsday Project always had a special interest for me.

Later, in about 1989, various magazines told me about new ideas, like hyptertext - the idea of linking things together. As the web was still a far off secret thing and there were no hypertext systems I know of I created my first hypertext on paper. It was during Art College and was about Abstract Expresionism vs Pop Art. Meanwhile I was also exploring computer generated art, life drawing and photography, which in those days was very analogue. I explored doing this at a higher level but back tracked and thought maybe I should become a developer.

Thankfully I found my way onto the first year of new kind of university course in 1990 at Staffordshire Polytechnic (which transfromed into a University whilst I was there). It was called Interactive System Design and merged compture programming, graphic design, Human Computer Intecation and a whole bunch of other interesting things like business systems and image processing.

I got stuck in and found that many on the course, whilst good at the coursework, were still having an issue with how it all fit together. This was natural as it was a combination of different ideas and concepts that, at the time, were weakly linked. We worked on multiple things with CD-Roms being a focus (Director, Hypercard). I ran out of money so took a year out before returning, focused, on completing the degree and writing about Artificial Life, a new thing I'd discovered via a Stephen Levy book. I also had found this thing called the web amoungst the other bits of the internet, and it used Hyptertext. So I learnt HTML, ran Mosaic locally on my computer and created my final year disattation as a website! At the time of writing it's currently off line and, looking through it, it was full of small mistakes (mostly due to my dyslexia).

Starting work.

The internet got me my first job a week before I took my final exams. I'd gone to London for a Multimedia show, got a few interviews before hand and managed to get a job creating HTML for a film promotion company. I'd already moved my stuff back to parents place in Norfolk but ended up having to sell my electric guitar and other things to have enough to get to london and afford to survive for the first few weeks, even with support from my brother.

So my first paid work was to add colour to the background of

EDIT - Add pictures.

But I've also done that.

[Other things like photography, music etc]

How this site was created.

This site is created using Webflow, one of the main tools that is part of the 'NoCode' movement, although, to be fair, you still have to know how CSS and HTML are structured even if you're not typing it directly. I've hand coded sites in the past and used to be a Javascript developer BUT I've always thought that there needs to be a tool that combines a visual design tool, a