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Stewart Dean's Guide to Artificial Life

About the Site

A few years ago I had the luxury of spending a few years doing a University course called Interactive System Design - as it was called then. During the final year of this course I did many things, from computer programming to animation through to learning about the web. This was the summer of 95 and the web was not quite as complex as it is now but I decided to do the first ever web site on the course.

I needed a subject and a few months before setting sail on the project I'd picked up an amazing called 'Aritificial Life' by Stephen Levy. This paperback is now the most battered and worn book I now have but spurred me on to read other books on the subject and choose it as the topic for one of my end of year project.

The result was, I hope, a good introduction to this amazing subject. There are many others out there who are pushing the subject into more and more areas of everyday life and in the three years since I first typed in the original version of the site a lot has happened. Not all this site has been updated but I hope I've put a fresh coat of paint where it was needed.

Stewart Dean May 1998

Update: This site is very much out of date now - I'm leaving it online for now although I am aware it's in desperate need of updating.

Stewart Dean Dec 2004

Site First Edition: June 1995
Second Version: November 1996
This Version and redesign: May 1998
Moved to Stew no changes: Dec 2004

Please send any corrections, comments or additions to: alife(at)stewdean(dot)com

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